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Government loses - Bandt's Manus motion passes house

Government loses - Bandt's Manus motion passes house

Greens MP for Melbourne, Adam Bandt MP, provides the following comment on the government losing a vote on the floor of the house. The motion that passed the Senate last week (moved by the Greens’ Nick McKim and supported by Labor and a majority of the Senate) called on the government to support New Zealand's offer to accept 150 men from Manus Island.

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Senate throws support behind not-for-profit sector in light of Government’s attempts to limit advocacy 

The Senate has expressed support for charities and not-for-profit organisations in Australia, who are currently being targeted by the Federal Government who want to limit their advocacy. 
“Charities and not-for-profits, whether they work on environmental issues, social services or human rights are under pressure by the Turnbull Government who want to limit their advocacy,” Australian Greens spokesperson on Family and Community Services Senator Rachel Siewert said today. 

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Janet on the report of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency

Janet Rice 4 Dec 2017
We're making some progress with regard to flexible working arrangements, but there's still considerable room for improvement when it comes to access to paid parental leave and recognition of the need to ensure that women and men can fulfil caring responsibilities. Our workplaces remain highly gender segregated, both in roles—where 74 per cent of the clerical and admin roles are filled by women; whereas only 12. 4 per cent of technicians and trades employees are women—and in the industries, where women make up 70 per cent of jobs in healthcare and social assistance organisations but only 12 per cent in construction organisations. Where we are making only extremely slow progress relates to where power lies in organisations. Only 16 per cent of CEOs are women. Overall, female managers are only 38 per cent of managers. And there's been very little change in the gender balance of boardrooms. Only 25 per cent of board members are women. As Libby Lyons, the director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, said in h
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Senate agrees Government should reconsider royal commission into the abuse, violence and neglect of people with disabilities 

The Senate has supported a motion calling on the Government to reconsider its decision and commit to a Royal Commission into the violence, abuse and neglect of people with disability in institutional and residential settings. 

“The abuse of people with disability in settings where they should feel safe and at home is prevalent and systemic, and the Government has no interest in truly addressing it”, Australian Greens spokesperson on Disabilities SenatorJordon Steele-John said today. 

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We’re so close to ending animal-tested cosmetics

Recently Lee sent the following email to supporters interested in Animal Welfare.

We are at a crucial stage in passing legislation that will end the shocking suffering caused by animal-tested cosmetics.

In 2014 I introduced into the Senate my End Cruel Cosmetics Bill and have continued campaigning on this issue since. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Humane Society International, Humane Research Australia, #BeCrueltyFree and our national and international animal welfare partner NGOs on this continuing campaign.

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Brandis fails in attempt to jail Queenslanders involved peaceful Pine Gap protests

Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett has welcomed the decision of a Federal Court Judge in Brisbane today not to jail six Queensland residents who engaged in peaceful protests at the Pine Gap Military Base.

The Federal government and Attorney-General George Brandis tried to escalate their charges using a draconian Cold War era law and urged the Judge to jail the protestors.

"Today marks a failed attempt by the Attorney-General and the Federal government to stifle the Pine Gap protestors' freedom of speech and freedom to express their religious beliefs.

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Barnaby may be back, but door to water ministry must stay closed

The Australian Greens are renewing calls for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to keep the keys to the Water Ministry out of the hands of Barnaby Joyce and the Nationals.

“Just because Barnaby Joyce has settled his citizenship blunder and has been returned to Parliament, does not mean we can forget the stuff up after stuff up at the helm of the Water Ministry,” Greens Murray Darling Basin spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

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Labor should pull support for Shell and Arrow CSG Development deal

Shell and Arrow Energy have struck a deal without intervention from the Queensland government to push forward with the biggest coal seam gas development on the east coast.

Queensland Greens Senator Andrew Bartlett said:

“The deal between Shell and Arrow Energy when combined have given tens of thousands of dollars to the Labor Party is yet another example of the corporate stranglehold over politics Queenslanders are sick of."

“Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk should pull Labor’s support for this project."

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Rental index shows market failing renters in Bennelong area

Lee Rhiannon 1 Dec 2017

MEDIA RELEASE - 1 December 2017

Rental index shows market failing renters in Bennelong area.

Today’s Rental Affordability Index shows the Bennelong area is severely unaffordable for a single person on benefits and single pensioners. A single pensioner would typically pay 60 per cent of their income on rent, leading to significant housing stress.

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