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$1 maximum bets: a bill for real action on pokies

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 22 Mar 2012


Greens’ gambling spokesperson, Senator Richard Di Natale, along with Independent Senator for South Australia, Nick Xenophon, and DLP Senator for Victoria, John Madigan, will introduce legislation into the Senate today for $1 maximum bets on poker machines.

The bill outlines that all new machines after December 31, 2012 would have to be capable of restricting maximum bets to $1 and jackpots to $500. This would reduce average losses from $1200 an hour to $120.

Senator Di Natale said that this was a bill that would achieve meaningful reform in line with the Productivity Comission recommendations.

“Our bill is one that will actually achieve real action, whereas the Government’s bill achieves less than nothing. It sets back the cause for reform for years.

“Our bill is based on key recommendations from the Productivity Commission, who recommended that dollar bets be introduced without the need for a trial.

“We also know that $1 bet limits is the cheapest, most effective and most straight forward option for reform. The Government has tried to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes about $1 bets but all of their excuses have been found wanting.

“The Greens are determined to do something meaningful to help problem gamblers, not just delay decisions for another day. That is why we are joining with crossbenchers from across the political spectrum to show leadership on this issue, in the absence of any from the Government.”

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