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1800 jobs in solar-thermal for Port Augusta

If the Government is committed to creating jobs in South Australia, it should support the creation of 1800 jobs in Port Augusta, Australian Greens Senator for South Australia, Penny Wright, said today.

"Transitioning the Port Augusta power plants to solar thermal power will create 1800 jobs in the community, contributing significantly to the social and economic wellbeing of people living in Port Augusta," Senator Wright said.

"The Prime Minister yesterday spoke about job opportunities for South Australians and looked to the defence industry. Instead, the Government should look to the industry of the future - renewable energy.

"If the Government is serious about creating jobs in South Australia, it should get behind this worthwhile project that will establish South Australia as a leader in renewable energy in our country.

"It is responsible, achievable, sustainable and will contribute to a stronger and healthier community in Port Augusta."

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