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Attack the pokies barons not people on welfare entitlements

Media Release
GreensMPs 9 Mar 2018

The Greens spokesperson on gambling, Senator Andrew Bartlett has called the federal government hypocrites who are using pokie addiction as an excuse to attack people on welfare, while refusing to stand up to the billion-dollar, predatory gambling industry.

“We have silence from the government following revelations that Woolworths tells their staff to spy on patrons, gathering personal information in order to trick them into putting more money into pokies.

“But they're happy to use pokies addiction as an excuse to attack people on welfare entitlements, forcing them on to cashless welfare cards that will quarantine 80 percent of their income.

“Pokies lead to domestic violence, family breakdown, financial stress and suicide, they destroy lives, families, and communities.

“But the Labor and the Coalition do nothing because in just one year alone the gambling industry gave them over $4.6million

“The solution is not compulsorily quarantining most of the income of everyone receiving welfare, which will only make their lives more stressful and difficult.

“It’s standing up to the billionaire pokie barons.

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