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Bligh joins Greens in call to end big political donations

Media Release
Bob Brown 30 Jul 2009

The Australian Greens say ending all large political donations would make a tremendous contribution to stamping out corporate influence in politics.

Australian Greens Leader Senator Bob Brown said that the call today by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh for a ban on donations aligned her with the Greens and supported widespread public opinion.

"Donations should only be allowed from individuals and only up to a limit of $1000."

Senator Brown said that elections should be publicly funded, as they are in Canada.

"The public would get a double benefit of a ban - elections would be cleaner without corporate dollars, and they would be a lot cheaper without the massive expenditure on political advertising which, in the main, Australians are rightly sceptical towards."

The Greens will be arguing in support of electoral reform when the Senate resumes on August 11, including lowering the disclosure threshold on donations to $1000.

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