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Cross-party Bill to get kids off Nauru

The Greens will co-sponsor a Bill to get children and their families off Nauru to receive medical treatment in Australia.

“This Bill is a direct, urgent intervention to provide children with the medical and psychological support they so desperately need,” Greens Immigration Spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

“A wide range of experts, including around 6,000 Australian doctors and the United Nations have made the urgency of this situation clear.”

“Any Labor or Coalition MP with the courage, compassion and decency should join with the crossbench, support this bill and bring these children and their families to Australia.”

“We can get these children off Nauru this week.”

Greens MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt said:
"With Liberals breaking ranks and the crossbench speaking with one voice, this Bill could pass the House if Labor gets on board."

“The Parliament can move incredibly quickly when it wants to.”

“This is a matter of children needing immediate medical support. It’s time for action, not politicking.”

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