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Crown of Thorns funding is bandaid solution while climate crisis is ignored

Media Release
Larissa Waters 13 Jul 2020

The Greens welcome any improvements to deal with Crown of Thorns starfish, but it is a bandaid solution while the big threats to the Reef - climate change and water quality – continue to be ignored.
“Funding COTs while ignoring climate and water quality is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic,” said Queensland Senator and Greens Leader in the Senate, Larissa Waters.
“The Great Barrier Reef has faced three of the worst coral bleaching episodes in its long history in the last five years, because of coal-driven climate change.
"While extra funding to control Crown of Thorns starfish is welcome, the Institute for Marine Science has previously pointed out that action on Crown of Thorns will only be successful if climatic conditions are stabilised to stem bleaching and coral damage from cyclones.

“Yet thanks to the regular donations and job offers by the coal and fossil fuel industry to both sides of politics, the climate crisis continues unabated, and the Reef’s death warrant is being written.

“The 60,000 people who rely on a healthy Reef, and the World Heritage status of this biodiversity icon, demands so much better from the donation-hooked large political parties,” said Australian Greens Senate Leader Larissa Waters.

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