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Dutton's latest attack on natural justice

Peter Dutton placing unreasonable deadlines on claims for asylum is an attack on some of Australia's most vulnerable people and undermines natural justice and the rule of law, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

"By setting an arbitrary deadline Mr Dutton is deliberately setting desperate people up to fail," Senator McKim said.

"There is simply not enough time for 7500 people to receive the legal advice they need and submit their applications on time."

"He has reduced funding for legal and translation services for people who have to go through an arduous and technical process."

"He has also tried to prejudice the outcome of these cases by using outrageous slurs against them."

"This is deeply unfair and a denial of natural justice. It is dogwhistle politics from the anti-immigration minister."

"That Labor is going along with this is yet another shameful reminder of how they have lost their way."

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