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Government hits new lows in asylum seeker politics

The Government has sunk to a new low in its latest attempt to punish innocent people seeking asylum, Australian Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

"The proposed new laws are an escalation of the cynical race to the bottom which sees our fellow human beings again used as a tool to seek domestic political advantage," Senator McKim said.

"This is about absorbing nothing more than One Nation votes."

"People are languishing on Manus Island and Nauru because of the government's incompetence and refusal to find a solution."

"But instead of finding a humanitarian solution for its own mistakes, all this hapless Minister can do is find new ways to punish people who have committed no crimes."

"As Amnesty International recently made plain - the mistreatment of people for a political purpose is torture."

"It runs contrary to international law and our obligations under the Refugee Convention. The Government should have been aware of this, but of course they have just run the Solicitor-General out of office."

"This is an admission that despite all the cruelty people are still risking their lives on unseaworthy boats, with at least one boat per month still being intercepted while trying to reach Australia."

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