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Government is seeking exemptions from the Disability Discrimination Act so that they can drug test income support recipients

A social services bill introduced into the House of Representatives this morning includes a much broader exemption from the Disability Discrimination Act, meaning people accessing the social safety net with disability can be discriminated against by the Government.

“The damaging proposal to drug test income support recipients is included in the Bill so of course they need to broaden out the exemption which would allow them to do this. It was hinted in Senate estimates but has been confirmed today, and it is broader and more far-reaching than just drug testing.

“We have major concerns about measures in this bill, not only drug testing income support recipients but also the demerit point system for people who are accessing the social safety net and can be chucked off supports.

“We will be closely examining the broader legislation in the inquiry into the bill”, concluded Senator Siewert.

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