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Green recovery needed to lock in emissions reductions

Media Release
Adam Bandt 31 Aug 2020

Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP has said figures showing an 18% drop in emissions as a result of the coronavirus are doomed to be short-lived under the Liberals' gas led recovery, urging the government to 'lock in' the drop by phasing out coal & gas and massively funding renewables.

"It's pathetic that the Liberals needed an economy-wrecking pandemic to see a drop in emissions," Adam Bandt MP said.

"If Tony Abbott hadn't torn up the Greens-secured carbon price in 2014, we'd have this kind of drop permanently  without having to shut down the economy.

"While the climate deniers in the Liberal Party couldn't prevent this drop, they'll no doubt try and claim it as a win. It will be a very short blip if the Liberals are allowed to throw public money at a gas-fired recovery.

"Gas is as dirty as coal. Expanding Australia's methane industry means putting off the construction of clean energy infrastructure that could lock in these emission reductions forever.

"Protecting the world from the climate emergency doesn't mean destroying the economy. Through a Green New Deal, we can create hundreds of thousands of new jobs while tackling the climate emergency & reducing inequality."

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