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Greens call on Government to support $1 bet limits

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 16 Dec 2011

Greens’ spokesperson for gambling, Senator Richard Di Natale, has called on the government to pursue $1 bet limits on the back of Coalition survey results.

“The results from Malcolm Turnbull’s pokies survey are in, and it is a big win for the Greens proposal of $1 bets,” said Senator Di Natale.

67% of respondents supported $1 bet limits in comparison to 56% for mandatory pre-commitment and 44% for voluntary pre-commitment.

“The results of the survey are not surprising - people like the idea of limiting bets to $1 because it won’t change the way they play and it’s a cheap, simple and effective way to reduce the harm from pokies.

“Limiting bets to $1 remains popular even in areas where mandatory pre-commitment is very unpopular and is by far the preferred option for regular pokies players.

“The Government should now pursue $1 bet limits as it is the most effective and popular policy and is also the preferred option of the crossbench.

“I’m encouraged that the Coalition working group on gambling have not excluded $1 bet limits and they should now recommend the option to Tony Abbott.

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