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Greens Condemn Passage of Anti-Protest Ag Gag Legislation

Greens Senators have reacted to the passage of the Government’s anti-protest ag gag legislation which passed the Senate with Labor support.

Senator Mehreen Faruqi, Greens Animal Welfare Spokesperson, said:

“This bill is an absolute fraud. It’s nothing more than ag gag legislation aimed at protecting big agribusiness from scrutiny at the cost of animal welfare and the community’s right to know and protest.

“The Greens are proud to oppose laws aimed at stamping out protest and jailing activists and whistleblowers.”

“We should be passing national animal welfare laws with real accountability and enforcement to protect animals, not taking another step down the road to a police state.”

“Rather than improving animal welfare laws and practices, this Government is obsessed with attacking those that expose horrific mistreatment of animals. They are on the wrong side of history.”

“It’s shameful that Labor is lock, stock and barrel with the Government in supporting this draconian bill.”

Senator Nick McKim, Greens Justice Spokesperson, said:

“This is yet another example of the major parties colluding to erode fundamental rights and freedoms.”

“It steps us further down the dangerous path to a police state, and is a clear demonstration of why we need a Charter of Rights.”

Senator Janet Rice, Greens Agriculture Spokesperson, said:

“This is not a Bill to protect farmers. We already have existing laws that criminalise trespassing on private land. 

“This is a Bill about weakening NGOs and activists, and taking away their voice. This Bill undermines a set of fundamental rights, without doing anything meaningful to protect farmers. That is why the Greens oppose it."

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