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Greens launch arts plan - reverses Coalition cuts, helps artists make a living

Media Release
Lee Rhiannon 27 Jun 2016

Today Senator Lee Rhiannon and Greens candidate for Wentworth Dejay Toborek launched the Greens arts policy initiative for NSW at the historic Bondi Pavilion. They were joined by Peter O'Doherty, musician with Australian band Dog Trumpet who is supporting the Greens initiative.

"The Greens have a plan not only to reverse the Coalition's deep cuts to the arts sector, but to invest a further $270.2 million over the next four years," said Senator Rhiannon.

"Live Performance Australia found that the Coalition's cuts to the Australia Council resulted in 40% of small to medium NSW arts companies losing their funding. This is a huge threat to the diversity of our arts sector. It devalues the rich contribution that the arts make to our society, our culture and our history.

"Our arts initiative focuses on providing support to small and medium companies and individual artists, as well as to arts companies that tour regionally and provide opportunities for artists outside of city centres.

"The Greens will also provide funding to ensure that artists are paid for the public display of their work, and allow artistic activities that provide community benefit to be eligible for Centrelink mutual obligation requirements" said Senator Rhiannon.

Mr Toborek said, "It is essential that artists have fair working conditions and receive reasonable compensation for their work. Under the Greens' initiative, we will implement a new low-income artist superannuation supplement worth an additional $500 per year for artists meeting the eligibility criteria.

"Contributing to the arts in Australia should not be reserved for affluent individuals or large companies. There is a wealth of stories to be told across our community across all art mediums, and this initiative aims to make the sector more accessible.

"The Greens will continue to work in consultation with the arts sector to facilitate the funding and conditions that will allow artists and their work to thrive," said Mr Toborek.

Media contact:
Lee Rhiannon - Maddy Williams 0421 214 305
Dejay Toborek - 0490 276 468



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