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“If he’s serious about persuading Australians of the need for these new laws, Tony Abbott needs to release an exposure draft well before Parliament resumes at the end of August."

"Tony Abbott needs to make a convincing case for these changes. Trashing long-established legal norms, like the presumption of innocence, just because Tony Abbott says so isn’t good enough."

"The Greens will also insist upon extensive scrutiny by the Senate of these serious measures."

“The Greens are committed fighting terrorism and protecting our peace and security, but anti-terror laws must be justified and proportionate."

“Making someone 'guilty until proven innocent' simply for visiting a particular area seems a step too far, especially while detail on this legislation is lacking."

"The experience of David Hicks should remind us of the dangers of trashing long-held legal principles."

"The Greens do not want to see Australians detained and possibly convicted simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"The Greens are also unconvinced that there is a case for expanding the ability to arrest without a warrant," said Mr Bandt.

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