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Greens urge Government to protect NRL fans

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 21 Aug 2012

Australian Greens spokesperson for Sport, Senator Richard Di Natale, called on the Government today to protect access for fans to quality rugby league matches on Free To Air television, in the wake of the new NRL broadcasting rights deal.

“The Greens want to ensure that the NRL remains easily accessible to its fans, just like the AFL is,” said Senator Richard Di Natale.

As the NRL today announces its new broadcasting rights deal, the Australian Greens have announced that they will act to protect NRL fans by moving an amendment to the Anti-siphoning legislation if the proposed legislation doesn’t adequately protect Free To Air viewers.

“The Greens want to protect Free To Air viewers from losing access to quality games and to ensure mandatory coverage of metropolitan named teams in Queensland. This would afford NRL fans in Queensland the same protection as AFL fans in South Australia and West Australia get.

“The Greens also want to lock in three mandatory slots for live rugby broadcasts: Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. This would give fans more opportunity to view live games on Free To Air television.

“The Greens won’t accept Queenslanders being treated like pawns in Foxtel’s business strategy.

“Sport has been important part of my life, as it has for many Australians, and I want to make sure that that we all continue to get access to Australia’s premier sporting events.”

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