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Greens welcome decision to abandon James Price Point

Media Release
Rachel Siewert 12 Apr 2013

Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert has welcomed the announcement that the development of a gas hub at James Price Point has been abandoned, saying the decision represents great news for the people, culture and environment of the Kimberley.

“The development of a gas hub at James Price Point would have destroyed irreplaceable environmental, cultural, social and heritage values. It has been a divisive and contentious issue for people across the region over a number of years,” Senator Siewert said from the Kimberley today.

“The project has been littered with concerning examples of the short-circuiting of due process on the part of the WA Government in their pursuit of industrialisation.

“Threats of compulsorily acquisition and deeply flawed environmental assessments have become hallmarks of the James Price Point project, so I am glad that Woodside has seen sense and put it on the shelf.

“It is critically important to remember that the economic benefit of resources extracted from the Browse Basin should still flow to communities in the region, particularly the traditional custodians, irrespective of where any processing takes place.

“Aboriginal people in the Kimberley deserve the same access to housing, jobs, education and other services as all other West Australians. It is not appropriate for the WA Government to have tied the provision of these services to the development of a gas hub at James Price Point.

“This has been the Greens’ position throughout this debate, and it continues to be the case now this announcement has been made.

“The Kimberley has amazing potential for a productive, sustainable future which strengthens communities and provides strong employment and economic benefits to the region without permanently threatening the area’s unique culture, heritage and environment. 

“I am very pleased that I will be in Broome on the day of this announcement,” Senator Siewert said today.


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