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Greens will fight government gas pipe dream in Tech Roadmap

Greens Leader Adam Bandt has pledged to fight the government’s gas push laid out in the Technology Road Map Discussion Paper released by the government today.

Mr Bandt also said the leaked COVID Commission push for a gas-rush shows the corruption of process the government is using to develop a plan for manufacturing.

“We need to be ending Australia’s addiction to toxic methane gas not feeding it,” Mr Bandt said.

“Coal, oil and gas are the primary cause of the climate crisis. We can't solve the climate emergency and economic crisis by pouring gas on the fire.”

“The energy race has been won and it is time for the Morrison government to back the winners of solar, wind, pumped hydro, battery storage and demand management.”

“We should be helping industry electrify with renewables and fuel switching from gas to green hydrogen, not feed their expensive and dangerous addiction to gas. The amount of gas genuinely needed as a feedstock by industry is tiny compared to the country's exports. We don't need more gas mining and drilling.”

“The leaked COVID commission gas plan shows the corrupt process at the heart of the government’s policy. This idea of a Technology Roadmap is just a cover for the government driving a gas rush that will benefit its fossil fuel corporate mates.”

“The trans-Australian gas pipeline is as ill thought out as the Bradfield Scheme and the Greens will fight it tooth and nail. 

“The Greens’ ‘Invest to Recover’ plan sets out a plan for hundreds of thousands of new jobs in an economy powered by hydrogen and programs enabling industry to electrify instead of burning gas.

“Australia shouldn't just join the hydrogen manufacturing renaissance, it should lead it. We’ve got vast resources that would mean Western Australia could power not only its manufacturing industry with green hydrogen, but ship the clean energy off to the rest of the world.

“Yet, with the Morrison government under the thumb of the methane mafia, we’re set to spend these crucial years wasting time pushing the wrong type of gas.”

The Greens policies for industry to fuel switch away from gas including a $12 Billion Manufacturing Australia fund and reviving the Clean Technology Programs scrapped by Tony Abbott that were designed to support industry innovate with clean energy and become more efficient.

Greens Democracy Spokesperson Larissa Waters said the Liberal Government’s appointments stacked the commission to only one possible outcome.

“The fossil fuel lobby has paid for and bought this government,” Senator Waters said.

“It’s no surprise that a gas-stacked Commission with minimal conflict of interest rules has recommended more water- and farm-wrecking gas.

“Fracked gas wrecks groundwater, farmland and our climate, and has trebled the price of gas which has imperilled domestic manufacturing, all  while lining the pockets of multinational companies.

“The Greens have had a bill to ban fracking and give landholders their right to say no to predator gas since 2011 but the big parties keep siding with their gas donors to block it.”

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