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International Radioactive Waste Action Day

Scott Ludlam 5 Oct 2010

Senator LUDLAM (Western Australia) - I move:

That the Senate-

(a) notes that:

(i) 29 September is International Radioactive Waste Action Day,

(ii) locating domestically produced nuclear waste at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory is highly
contested by traditional owners, is currently being challenged in the Federal Court and is inappropriate
due to under and above ground water movements and high seismic activity in the region,

(iii) winning public confidence and social licence is internationally recognised as essential for successful
and sustainable waste management, as noted by the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA],
the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD], the International Commission
on Radiological Protection [ICRP], the European Union, and the United Kingdom and Japanese
governments, and

(iv) above ground, dry storage of radioactive waste at or near the site of origin is recognised as providing
access for routine monitoring, repair of leakages and responsible isolation from the water table
and environment; and

(b) calls on the Australian Government to:

(i) abandon proposals to dump radioactive waste at Muckaty Station, and

(ii) establish a process for identifying suitable sites, transport and storage of Australia's radioactive waste that is consistent with international best practice scientific processes, and that is transparent, accountable,fair, allowing access to appeal mechanisms and full community consultation.

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