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Kids need to be brought off Nauru now

Reports that the Australian Government plans to bring the children it is detaining on Nauru to Australia by Christmas removes any excuse to keep people in offshore detention, Greens Immigration spokesperson Nick McKim says.

“The warped logic of offshore detention is crumbling around the major parties. There is now no excuse not to end offshore detention and conclude this dark chapter in our country’s history,” Senator McKim said. 

“Christmas is not soon enough – we need to get every child and their family here to Australia now, which we can do if Labor supports the legislation we currently have before the Parliament." 

“Public pressure is finally having an impact on Government policy, and as a result the entire artifice of offshore detention is falling apart.”

“There is now no logic behind holding any man, woman or child on Manus Island or Nauru for a single day longer. It is vital that we give them safety and freedom in our country permanently.”

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