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MIS - What went wrong?

This inquiry is a chance to look not just at the policy mistakes that were made, but also at what the role of government is in dealing with the legacy of these schemes.

The inquiry is looking for people who invested in MIS, have plantations on their land, have knowledge or experience of privately managed plantations or have knowledge of the financial services sector in relation to MIS.

Submissions are due 4 September 2014.

You can make a submission via email, post, fax or by uploading onto the inquiry webpage

Address your submission to: 
The Committee Secretariat
Senate Standing Committees on Economics

Post to: PO Box 6100, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600
Email to:
Fax: +61 2 6277 5719

Inquiry Webpage

For more information on the Inquiry phone: +61 2 6277 3540

Or contact Rory Cadman in my office on 03 6331 0033 or 0428407014

Inquiry terms of reference:

The structure and development of forestry managed investment schemes (MIS), including:
a. the motivation and drivers that established the framework for the schemes initially;
b. the role of governments in administering and regulating forestry MIS;
c. the current policy and regulatory framework of forestry MIS;
d. the role of some in the financial services industry in promoting and selling forestry MIS;
e. compensation arrangements for small investors in forestry MIS who have lost life savings and their homes in the face of the collapse of forestry MIS;
f. the burden on farmers and other agricultural producers who have been left with the uncertainty of timber plantations linked to forestry MIS on their land;
g. the options for reforming forestry MIS to protect investors and rural communities; and
h. any other related matters.

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