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Morrison 2030 climate targets a death sentence

Media Release
Adam Bandt 9 Aug 2021

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report makes it clear the government’s current 2030 climate targets amount to a death sentence for Australia.

This major report exposes the stark reality that without emergency action and an increase to  2030 targets we will head past the 1.5 degree goal in the Paris Agreement, potentially within a few years.

The report must now force action from the government to lift Australia's ambition by doubling to tripling our 2030 targets, and Labor must stop letting the government off the hook with its silence on 2030 targets.

The report highlights that we are already experiencing extreme weather, including more frequent and more intense heatwaves, fire weather, droughts and extreme rainfall events, and heading for much, much worse, including the threat of crossing tipping points in the climate system that will take us past the point of no return with “many changes irreversible for centuries to millennia” and having enormous impacts on Australia.

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt

“The Greens, the G7, Joe Biden and Boris Johnson agree, while Liberal and Labor are with Saudia Arabia and Russia in 2030 denial.

“After this report, failure to lift 2030 targets is criminal negligence.

“This report shows Scott Morrison’s 2030 targets are a death sentence for Australia.

“Exceeding 1.5 degrees of warming means that we will lose the Great Barrier Reef, have widespread and sustained drought, more extreme weather events, and catastrophic bushfires will become the norm.

“The rest of the world understands that if we don’t do more by 2030, we all go over the climate cliff, so the Liberals’ 2030 denial and Labor’s 2030 silence are putting Australian lives at risk.

“Delay is the new denial, we can’t wait until 2050, and anything less than 75% emissions cuts by 2030 means giving up on the 1.5 degree goal in the Paris Agreement.”

The Greens’ Climate Policy:

  • Net zero emissions by 2035 and 75% cuts by 2030, consistent with the science and the independent Climate Targets Panel, which found that cuts of 50% on 2005 levels by 2030 were needed for a 2 degree climate goal, and 75% necessary for a 1.5 degree goal. 
  • Lead the world on climate action by phasing out coal stations and exports by 2030 and legislating against new coal mines and gas fields.
  • Achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030 and work towards 700% renewables, funding a massive investment in infrastructure that will transform our energy system over the next decade and grow a new export industry.
  • Phase in 100% electric light vehicle sales by 2030, with subsidies to make them affordable for all
  • Reduce bills by $200 a year by creating a publicly owned energy provider and subsidising investment in solar power and batteries.
  • Build a multi-billion dollar clean energy export industry to replace coal exports.
  • Invest in local coal and gas communities so they can attract the jobs and new industries they want, retain, upskill and ensure these local communities can continue to thrive.
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