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Muckaty Radioactive Dump defeated at last

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Scott Ludlam 3 Jun 2014

This is an extraordinary win for the elders and their families who have sought to protect country on behalf of all of us. They should never have had the burden of dealing with Australia's radioactive waste laid on them, first by the Howard Government, and then by the Rudd/Gillard Government. Now that burden is lifted.

It is essential that Australia's disgraceful history of targeting Aboriginal communities to host our 60-year legacy of spent reactor fuel is never repeated again.

The Greens propose the Commonwealth Government immediately establish an independent Commission on Radioactive Waste Management to undertake a deliberative process that is procedurally fair, scientifically rigorous, and properly informed.

In the meantime, this win belongs to all those who stood up against this appalling proposal.
(read more about the Waste Commission proposal here:

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