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MySchool hype distorts school priorities

Media Release
Penny Wright 5 Mar 2015

Australian Greens spokesperson for schools Senator Penny Wright says the emphasis on NAPLAN testing has gone too far, as new MySchool data is released today.

The Australian Greens have previously called for the ranking functions on the MySchool site to be removed.

"There is no doubt MySchool site has introduced a competitive element which is damaging student and teacher wellbeing and distorting our idea of what matters in education," Senator Wright said.

"In the coming days we can expect newspapers to be publishing league tables, but it's very important to remember NAPLAN tests a very small portion of the curriculum and a child's understanding.

"The hype around NAPLAN scores just ups the pressure on teachers and more and more schools are 'teaching to the test' at the expense of other subjects.

"There's no doubt NAPLAN testing has its uses, but there is too much emphasis on it. I think some effort does need to be made to put the genie back in the bottle and put NAPLAN results in perspective.

"A good school can't be defined by NAPLAN scores because NAPLAN can't tell you anything about a school's community spirit, their inclusive values or passion for a well-rounded education."


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