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Nationals support for effects test a challenge for Malcolm Turnbull

Media Release
Nick McKim 16 Sep 2015

The Nationals’ support for an effects test presents a massive challenge for new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and his government, Australian Greens spokesperson for Small Business and Competition Policy Senator Nick McKim says.

Yesterday, the Nationals backed a Greens motion in the Senate to advocate for an effects test in competition law, a crucial change that was recently squibbed by the Government.

Nationals Leader Warren Truss says he has secured agreement for cabinet to consider the move, presenting an early challenge for Mr Turnbull’s leadership.

“The pressure is now on Mr Turnbull to back an effects test, and create a more level playing field for small businesses right around the country,” said Senator McKim

“Does Mr Turnbull believe in a free market and a fair go for small business, or will he cave in to the supermarket duopoly and the top end of town?”

“Small businesses and farmers around Australia are now watching Mr Turnbull very closely, and will be hoping that he does the right thing.”

“The Greens have long campaigned for an effects test. We included it as part of a comprehensive small business and competition policy we released at the last election.”

“This was a major recommendation of the Harper Review, which found current laws dealing with the misuse of market power to be deficient.”

“We call on Labor to end its irrational fear campaign against this sensible measure.”

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