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Parliament must debate any military engagement in Iraq - Greens

With reports coming out of the United States of possible Australian military involvement in Iraq and Syria, Greens Leader Christine Milne says it is essential that any decision to deploy our military is brought to the parliament.

"It is essential that PM Abbott commits immediately to bring any debate about the deployment of Australian military to the parliament for debate," Greens Leader Christine Milne said.

"After the disaster of the ‘coalition of the willing' and what John Howard got us into in Iraq in the first place, it would be appalling if Tony Abbott just goes along with the United States and the United Kingdom again.

"The Greens have said all along that we support humanitarian assistance, but this appears to be morphing fairly quickly into military engagement.

"It is critical that Australia takes an independent stand. It is essential that Tony Abbott informs the Australian people and allows the parliament to engage this important debate.

"The Prime Minister is talking about a proportionate role. Is he talking about another ‘coalition of the willing' in Iraq? Australians will be very concerned. That is why the parliament must be engaged."


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