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Perth light rail on the horizon at last

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Scott Ludlam 1 Dec 2010


The Greens have welcomed Premier Colin Barnett's announcement to the Chamber of Commerce that electrified light rail should be built in Perth within the next decade.

After campaigning for light rail to enhance and compliment Perth's existing public transport system for more than three years, Scott Ludlam hopes that Mr Barnett will now put his Infrastructure Australia submission where his mouth is.

"I am glad the Premier has agreed to get on board with light rail and that he recognises the once in a lifetime opportunity that is currently available at this time of prosperity in the state," Senator Ludlam said.

"I hope that the Premier will move swiftly with a feasibility study and credible submission for Commonwealth funding for light rail through the next round of Infrastructure Australia funding."

"Light rail will greatly enhance Perth's development as a vibrant, low emissions urban centre for the 21st century and will be a great addition to Perth's public transport network," Senator Ludlam concluded.

"I look forward to working with the State Government to make it happen."

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