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Plan B Needed On Medical Research Fund: Bandt

Deputy Greens Leader and Science & Research spokesperson, Adam Bandt MP, today said that Simon McKeon was right to implicitly criticise Tony Abbott’s deep funding cuts to research and to call for an alternative means of establishing a medical research fund in his speech to the National Press Club today.

“Tony Abbott needs to accept he will not get his GP co-payment through the Senate, so he should separate the medical research fund from his GP fee," said Mr Bandt.

"As Simon McKeon said, it would be tragic if funding for medical research wasn't boosted.

"If he's serious about supporting health and medical research, Tony Abbott now needs a 'Plan B' for his medical research fund.

“Mr McKeon also said that it is only Portugal, Luxembourg and Australia in the OECD that don’t have a national science plan.

"The Greens agree that the Government needs a plan for science and research in our country. We can't leave the heavy lifting to the private sector.

“One of Tony Abbott’s favourite three-word mantras is that Australia is “open for business” but his deep cuts to science, research and development harm our prospects in the smart economy,” said Mr Bandt.

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