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Port Augusta’s Renewable Energy Future Within Reach

The Australian Greens are urging the Federal Government to commit to supporting local communities, regional jobs and a sustainable future, by supporting Alinta Energy's plans to build a solar-thermal plant in Port Augusta.­

Power company Alinta Energy is reportedly meeting with the Federal Government this week regarding the establishment of a solar-thermal power station in Port Augusta.

"Transitioning the Port Augusta power plants to solar thermal power will create 1800 jobs in the community, contributing significantly to the social and economic wellbeing of people living in Port Augusta," Senator Penny Wright, Greens Senator for South Australia, said.

"I applaud Alinta Energy for pursuing this socially and environmentally responsible enterprise.

"With the whole community overwhelmingly behind solar thermal power in Port Augusta, it's time for the Federal Government to step up.

"The Federal Government needs to get behind this worthwhile project that will establish Australia as a leader in renewable energy.

"The Clean Energy Act the Greens drove with the Government, putting a price on pollution and investing in renewable energy, should help make this exciting project a reality, but it will still take political will from the Gillard and Weatherill Governments.

"It is responsible, achievable, sustainable and will contribute to a stronger and healthier community in Port Augusta."


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