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Rolling over logging laws is a death warrant for threatened species

Media Release
Janet Rice 6 Dec 2018

Last week’s rollover of the New South Wales native forest logging laws for another 20 years is nothing short of criminal.

“This disastrous rollover of last century’s Regional Forest Agreements signs the death warrant for threatened species and gives woodchippers everything they have ever wanted - all their Christmases come at once,” said Senator Janet Rice, Australian Greens forests spokesperson.

“These laws lock in the destructive practices of the last 20 years of native forest logging and will guarantee the death of rare and endangered animals and birds. More forest will be destroyed year on year to meet the guarantee of wood for the woodchippers.”

“This directly puts the survival of critically endangered species like the Swift Parrot into question.”

The independent review into the logging laws acknowledges that the majority of people who made submissions did not want the logging laws extended, but instead of listening to the community the Government just steamrolled over their concerns for their mates in the forest products industry.

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