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Stand up for digital rights

On February 11, 2014: around the globe more than 5200 websites, with audiences ranging from sub-niche to hundreds of millions, were blacked out. Our cause is deadly serious: government surveillance overkill that compromises privacy, the rule of law, journalism and democracy itself. It was the day we fought back.

Australians have a special role to play in the campaign for strong digital rights: we are one of the 'Five Eyes' countries that forms the core of the US Government's invasive and unnecessary global spying program. Tony Abbott and Attorney General George Brandis have maliciously labelled Ed Snowden a 'traitor', putting them in the minority against the majority of Australians who want strong digital rights and protections for courageous whistleblowers like Snowden. Today we can step up to support our colleagues in the United States who are challenging the surveillance state at its source.

Download our Facebook cover image or profile picture and join the campaign.

In December 2013, the Australian Greens successfully initiated a Senate inquiry into the surveillance regime in Australia. This is a unique opportunity to work for strong legal and technical protections for our rights online. I hope you will add your voice - if you want to be a part of fighting back against indiscriminate surveillance, please make a submission.

As an open communications medium, the internet holds out the promise of universal access to a global civil society. As a tool of authoritarian surveillance and control, it is something else entirely. Which of these futures our children inherit is entirely up to us.

Sign up to support the Australian Greens in our work to legislate for digital rights.


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