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Tasmania Well Positioned to Benefit From Same-Sex Tourism

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 20 Sep 2012

Tasmanian Greens Senator and tourism spokesperson Peter Whish-Wilson has called on his home state to capitalise on the opportunities from becoming the first jurisdiction in the country to legalise same-sex marriage.

“It’s not just about being socially progressive, something Tasmania has a proud history on in this area, but I urge Tasmanians to look at the economic benefits as well.

“Tourism employs nearly 15 per cent of the Tasmanian workforce and is a major contributor to gross state product.

“However, like other areas of the economy it’s labouring under the weight of a high dollar and a fall off in tourism numbers.

“Recent reports examining the economic stimulus from passing same-sex marriage bills in areas such as the state of Massachusetts indicate the potential stimulus to our economy would be around $96m across a five-year period, creating potentially hundreds of new jobs.

“Our economy is already geared toward supporting tourism, so this isn’t something foreign, rather tapping into a significant new market.

“Tasmania isn’t the only state looking at this, South Australia is also considering similar legislation for its economic benefits.

“While I welcome any state going down this road, if Tasmania is to reap the maximum economic gain we need to be first past the post.

“I implore the members of Tasmania’s Legislative Council to show leadership and seize this opportunity for both our economy and to end this unacceptable form of legalised discrimination.”

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