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Two thirds of Australians support local content laws for streaming services, new poll shows

Two thirds of Australians support laws requiring streaming services like Netflix and Amazon to show and fund locally made shows and films, new research shows.

Greens Spokesperson for the Arts Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“The polling shows the public wants Australian made content – TV, films and documentaries.

“The Government should get on with regulating the bigwigs of streaming like Netflix, Amazon and Apple.

“With these tech giants taking more and more market share it’s a no brainer to ensure they contribute to the making and telling of Australian stories. 

“The government has dragged its feet on this issue and then after cutting local content requirements for broadcasters, put the issue out to an options paper that just yesterday, they’ve extended the time on.

“There is no need for more reviews. The arts and entertainment industry is on its knees because of Coronavirus lock downs and the removal of local content requirements at a time when people are consuming content more than ever, was another blow.

“Letting broadcasters out of local content requirements and failing to immediately regulate streaming services has put the jobs of every person who works on Australian drama, documentaries and children’s TV shows from actors, to writers, to crews at risk.

“The government should implement requirements now to help stimulate the industry after the havoc wreaked on area and entertainment by Covid-19.”

The national poll of 1008 adult Australians in all states, was commissioned by Senator Sarah Hanson-Young and conducted by Lonergan between 30 April and 4 May 2020.



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