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We convinced Labor and Mr Barnett on light rail; that leaves Mr Abbott – Greens

Media Release
Scott Ludlam 9 Aug 2013

Greens spokesperson for sustainable cities, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, says now Colin Barnett has accepted the Greens-led push to build light rail in Perth, the Greens will maintain pressure to ensure Federal funds flow to the project.

"How awkward; Colin Barnett's WA Government Budget today assumes the realisation of May 2013 Federal Labor commitment for $500 million rail in Perth - and yet Mr Abbott has famously ruled out funding any urban rail if he is elected," Senator Ludlam said.

"Mr Abbott has also claimed that roads are good for the environment and mental health - but ask anyone stuck in Perth traffic and they would disagree.

"It makes one wonder who Mr Barnett is banking on to be prime minister.

"The Greens have been pushing the cause of urban rail for Perth since 2007, releasing a costed Perth Light Rail plan applauded by experts and seized on by the public.

"We welcome Mr Barnett accepting the Greens' arguments for light rail and we will now work hard to make whoever wins Federal Government sees sense in the Greens plan too.

"Perth is choking on congestion, we need to cut down on pollution, and the price of oil is rising.

"You can put 180 passengers on a single three-carriage tram, you can run light rail on renewable energy - but you can't do these things with buses.

"The Greens are leading the way to create a modern, efficient public transport system for Perth and will stand up to Federal Government to ensure the money is delivered."


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