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Zero carbon grid possible by 2040

Media Release
Adam Bandt 30 Jul 2020

Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt has today said the release of the final system plan for Australia's energy grid showed that a transition to a zero carbon grid is possible quickly, and without gas to shore up supply.

"This plan from our national grid operator shows claims that a 100% renewable future is within our reach," Adam Bandt MP said.

"While Scott Morrison and his crony Covid Commission want us to double down on gas, this report confirms that renewables backed up by batteries will not only be the cleaner but cheaper solution for powering our homes and industry.

"Through targeted government investment in renewables, we'll be able to get to 90% renewables within just 15 years, all without the massive cash splash on gas some say is necessary. To get there, we'll need 50GW of new large scale wind and solar, along with 10GW in dispatchable capacity.

"Despite what the methane mafia would have you believe, this report makes it clear that dispatchable capacity will come from batteries, not gas. Investing in gas will not only be backing a sure loser, it will worsen the climate crisis and dash our hopes of staying below 2 degrees of warming.

"At this stage the only people who think the future isn't renewable is the fossil fuel industry and the politicians who do its bidding. With independent evidence this clear, is there any surprise Morrison needed to stack the COVID Commission with gas advocates?

"We have two pathways from here - renewables, or fossil fuels. One is backed by an independent panel of grid security experts, the other by gas barons. I know which one I'd choose."


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