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Govt committee report upholds Brandis weakening of FOI

The Greens dissenting report on the FOI Bill before the Senate recommends that the legislation is not passed and that the Coalition government establish a comprehensive review into the workings of FOI as recommended by the Hawke Review.

Greens democracy spokesperson Senator Lee Rhiannon said, "The Bill is a setback for FOI and privacy protection and is effectively another broken commitment by Attorney General Senator George Brandis and Prime Minister Tony Abbott to lead an open and accountable government.

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Brandis presumption of terror guilt could trap journalists, aid workers

New anti-terror laws outlined by the Coalition today could see humanitarian workers and journalists in war zones having to prove they are not criminals, say the Australian Greens.

Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Senator Wright said Attorney-General George Brandis's plans to reverse the onus of proof added to concerns the wide-ranging legislation would severely restrict human rights.

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Appropriate housing critical for NDIS success

The Australian Greens support calls by the disability and community sector to ensure the housing needs of people with disability are planned for as the NDIS is rolled out.

"A core part of providing choice and control to people with disability is ensuring a range of secure and independent housing options are available," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on disability said today.

"The Community Housing Federation of Australia has estimated that by the time the NDIS is fully operational, there will be an unmet need for more than 80,000 dwellings.

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Brandis opens the floodgates for bigotry: Greens

Attorney-General George Brandis's amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act will open the floodgates for racists and bigots to dominate the public debate, say the Australian Greens.

"This is the Andrew Bolt Protection Bill - the Attorney General is looking out for his mate but has spared no thought to those who are the victims of racial abuse," Australian Greens spokesperson for Legal Affairs Senator Wright said.

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Investment and support needed to deliver an effective NDIS

The Australian Greens have called on the Federal Government to provide the investments and support needed to fully deliver the NDIS.

"Any substantial reform package takes time to be fully and effectively implemented, and the Government needs to stay on course to ensure the NDIS is delivered as intended," Senator Rachel Siewert, Australian Greens spokesperson on disability issues said today.

"The Federal Government needs to ensure the appropriate resources and investments are made available to address concerns with the NDIS, so that the scheme can reach its potential.

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