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Pro-Beijing protestors must not break the law – Brown

Pro-Beijing protestors going to Canberra for the Olympic torch relay should reflect on which country they are in, Greens Leader Bob Brown said today.
Senator Brown has called on the organisers to explain what they mean by arranging "strong men" to protect the torch (see pg 1, today's Sydney Morning Herald).
"If there were busloads of Tibetans heading from Lhasa to Beijing to protest about the military occupation of their country they would go straight to jail," Senator Brown said.

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Rudd's biggest Beijing Olympics decision yet to come: Brown

The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should boycott the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics if the Chinese authorities ignore global calls for dialogue with the Dalai Lama, Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown said in Canberra today.
"To give him due credit, Mr Rudd has made good his commitment to put Tibet on the agenda during his visit to Beijing. But Beijing has had a media blackout on Mr Rudd's call and seems to believe that if it does nothing the issue will go away. Meanwhile, Tibet is effectively under martial law," Senator Brown said.

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Brown challenges Rudd on Tibet

Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown says Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should be prepared to stay away from the Beijing Olympics, if there is no breakthrough for Tibet.
"Mr Rudd has said his decision will depend on his domestic diary. That's nonsense," Senator Brown said.
"He is leaving his diary open to go to Beijing in August and in the face of world focus on Tibet his decision will be, and will be seen to be, based on the politics of the Olympics. This is why it is so important that he persuade President Hu to meet the Dalai Lama between now and August."

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Greens call for Rudd to intervene on Tibet

Greens Leader Bob Brown has called on the Rudd government to use all its diplomatic powers to have China resist a violent crackdown in Tibet.  There are reports of serious riots in Tibet's capital Lhasa in a rebellion against Chinese military occupation of Tibet. 
Senator Brown said, "history indicates the potential for a ruthless response from Beijing.  He has called on PM Rudd to put pressure on President Hu Jintao to play a more peaceful role and to have talks with Tibetan leaders. 

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