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$56m funding of political parties highlights time to ban private money spend on elections

Lee Rhiannon 9 Oct 2013

Responding to the Australian Electoral Commission’s release of public funding to political parties, Senator Lee Rhiannon the Australian Greens Spokesperson for Democracy said,

“The AEC’s announcement that $56 million of public funding has been provided to political parties and independents for the 2013 election, puts the spotlight on the need for electoral funding reform that restricts the amount of private money used in elections and places caps on election expenditure.

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Federal govt shamed by South Australia donations reform plan

Lee Rhiannon 5 Feb 2013

Federal Labor should move on electoral funding reform now South Australia has joined NSW, Queensland and the ACT and committed to clean up political donations, says Australian Greens democracy spokesperson Lee Rhiannon. 

"With the federal election just months away federal Labor would win considerable brownie points with the public by following the lead of South Australia and putting in place reforms that have strong public support," Senator Rhiannon said.

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Estimate adventures with a cameo Yes Minister appearance

When I arrived in the federal parliament back in July 2011 I was told that the Estimates process was probably the best thing about the Senate. “Democracy in action” is how some describe this exhaustive process whereby Senators can ask endless questions of Ministers and senior public servants.

Having just finished my second week of Estimate hearings I do think they are excellent, although frustrating at times. Some Ministers and their bureaucrats are adept at side stepping the questions we pose. But then the challenge is with us to ask the right questions.

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