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East Timor

Greens Emergency National Phone Link Up

The Greens have held an emergency national phone link to plan further action in the campaign for a free East Timor. The Offices of Greens MPs Senator Bob Brown, Giz Watson MLC , Jim Scott MLC, Lee Rhiannon MLC, Ian Cohen MLC, Peg Putt MLA, Kerrie Tucker MLA and the Greens Party in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.

The Greens phone link agreed to the following policy response:

1. That the Australian Government should immediately recognise East Timor as a sovereign nation.

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Wiranto and militias should be indicted

Australian Greens Senator Bob Brown has called on the United Nations Security Council to investigate atrocities in East Timor by establishing a War Crimes Tribunal similar to those currently dealing with crimes in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia.

Senator Brown has written to the United Nations Security Council, urging it to investigate the killings that have occurred in East Timor as a result of the bloody rampages of the militias and military.

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East Timor

The Greens have been flooded with calls today from people asking what they can do to force the Australian and Indonesian Government to take immediate action to stop the violence in East Timor.

Greens have participated in demonstrations in capital cities today.

Senator Brown has written and spoken to the Indonesian embassy (see below) as well as contacting the Prime Minister"s office.

We are advising constituents (see below) to e-mail and fax the Indonesian embassy and the Prime Minister"s" office along similar lines -

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