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Office of the Supervising Scientist

Additional Estimates - Economics Committee - Tuesday 14 February 2011 - Office of the Supervising Scientist

CHAIR: Thank you, Mr Bailey. I now call the office of the supervising scientist. Welcome, Mr McAllister. Would you like to make an opening statement?

Mr McAllister : No, there is nothing from me.

Senator LUDLAM: Thanks for coming down. We do not have you for very long. Please pass on the committee's best wishes to Mr Hughes, who, I understand, is unable to be here for health reasons.

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Legal and Constitutional Committee Report into the evidence provided by the NLC

Scott Ludlam 9 Feb 2012

Senator LUDLAM (Western Australia) (18:48): Madam Acting Deputy President Crossin, this is a committee which you chaired, so I suppose it is fortunate for me that you are in the chair tonight, partly because it means you are less likely to heckle me! I think this is very important.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT (Senator Crossin): I hope that is not a reflection on the chair, Senator Ludlam!

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Greens dig in to stop nuclear waste dump

Scott Ludlam 7 Feb 2012

The Australian Greens today vowed to continue the fight against the planned nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station in the Northern Territory.

The Government has listed the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill for debate tomorrow. Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said Labor's attempt to force the Bill through the Senate before the completion of a Federal Court case over the status of the land in question was a disgrace.

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Dept. of Resources on nuclear waste and HRL

Scott Ludlam 28 Oct 2011

Economics Committee Wednesday 19 October 2011

Senator LUDLAM: I would like to turn attention to the matter of the proposed Commonwealth radioactive waste dump. Has the department been involved? Do we have Mr Davoren here or anybody who can speak-

Mr Hoffman: We certainly do. He has been waiting around all day; we might as well bring him forward.

Senator LUDLAM: Welcome back, Mr Davoren.

Mr Davoren: Thank you.

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Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency - Wedmesday 19 October - Economics Committee


CHAIR: Welcome.

Senator LUDLAM: Welcome back, Dr Larsson. FSANZ have taken the meat curry away, so we have at least saved you that trauma.

Ms Halton : I am sure they will share it later.

Senator LUDLAM: Yes, everyone will get a little sample. What part does ARPANSA play in the regulation of irradiated food products in Australia?

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