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Northern Land Council

Scott Ludlam 8 Jun 2011

Community Affairs Friday 3 June 2011

CHAIR: We have a number of senators who wish to ask questions. Do any of you have an opening statement you want to make before we go into questions?

Mr Hill: No. I would just apologise-

CHAIR: That is okay. You cannot control the planes. I wish some of us could.

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Dept. of Resources and Energy on uranium mining & radioactive waste dump

Scott Ludlam 6 Jun 2011

Economics Committee - 31 May 2011

Senator LUDLAM: Yes. I might stay on the subject that I was on. It is mainly around the Rum Jungle Mine. I understand that we are still spending about $1.2 million this year and $2.4 million next year on the Rum Jungle remediation up in the Alligator Rivers Region of the Northern Territory. Can you update the committee on the work that taxpayers are still funding to remediate a small mine 40 years after it closed?

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25 years on: lessons of Chernobyl still ignored by supporters of nuclear power

Scott Ludlam 26 Apr 2011

PERTH RALLY: 2:30 - 4:30pm WST Tuesday April 26, 2011 - Forest Place Perth

On the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Australian Greens have renewed demands for a phase-out of uranium mining and nuclear power.

Greens nuclear affairs spokesperson, Senator for Western Australia Scott Ludlam, said the Chernobyl catastrophe was classified as a level 7 event on the International Nuclear Event Scale - the same classification given to the Fukushima nuclear disaster now unfolding in Japan.

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Greens fight to give Northern Territory say in nuclear waste dump plan

Scott Ludlam 3 Mar 2011

The Australian Greens will move an amendment to the national radioactive waste dump legislation, seeking consent from the Northern Territory Assembly before moving to dump radioactive waste in the Territory.

"The proposal to dump radioactive waste highlights the fact that the Northern Territory does not have the same rights to determine its own affairs as the states," Australian Greens Senator Scott Ludlam said.

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Question on Radioactive Waste

Scott Ludlam 2 Mar 2011

Senator LUDLAM (2.31 pm)-My question is to the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Carr, in his role representing the Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism. It relates to the government's proposal to dump radioactive waste at Muckaty Station, close to Tennant Creek.

Senator Chris Evans-On a point of order: the senator wants to ask a question to the Minister representing the Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism, and I understand that it is Senator Sherry.

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