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Royal Commission to consider investigating the abuse of children inside Australia's immigration detention centres.


After writing to the Commissioner in relation to  child abuse claims in Australian immigration detention centres, The Australian Greens welcome news that the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is considering allegations of abuse against children within the detention network.

"Refugee children are already extremely vulnerable and the fact that some of them have been subjected to further abuse and assault is sickening and must be exposed" Greens spokesperson on Immigration, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said. 

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The Australian Greens welcome the case filed in the High Court yesterday challenging the lawfulness of offshore detention.

"It is costing taxpayers billions of dollars to keep children locked up in Nauru's squalid tent prison.

"This week's budget shows the government is spending half a million dollars per person, per year, to detain men, women and children on Nauru.

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Children and families will suffer the most in Rudd’s latest cruel and absurd Nauru proposition

The Australian Greens have condemned Kevin Rudd's latest cruel manoeuvring and bribery of Nauru.

Australian Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne said: "The Prime Minister is caught out by his own rush to cruelty.

"Kevin Rudd said there would be no exceptions, but when it became clear he couldn't send children under seven or pregnant women because of malaria, he had to hurriedly cobble together a new cruel punishment for them.

"Kevin Rudd has come up with Nauru not only as a place of punishment, but as a place of resettlement. It is cruel and absurd.

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Australian Greens invest in refugee safety

The Australian Greens have launched a new plan to give refugees a safer pathway to protection.

The plan includes increasing the government's humanitarian intake to 30,000 a year, providing an extra $70 million per annum in emergency funding to help fast track the processing of refugee claims in Indonesia and shutting down all detention camps in Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

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Senate supports Greens’ call for information on Nauru

The senate has backed a Greens motion, calling on the government to release documents detailing the contractual obligations of companies trusted to operate the detention centre on Nauru.


“This is a crucial step towards the clear and open operation of detention facilities on Nauru,” Greens' immigration spokesperson, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said after moving the motion today.


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