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Labor making pain last longer than necessary

In response to statements from the Treasurer tat the Budget will see wages go backwards for another two years and paid parental leave measures will also be delayed, the Greens say the government was delaying cost of living relief while making room in the Budget for Stage 3 tax cuts for the wealthy.

“Labor is spending over a quarter of a trillion dollars on Stage 3 tax cuts for politicians and billionaires while delaying cost of living relief for everyday people,” Greens Economic Justice Spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

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Greens move to stop Government JobKeeper 2.0 wage cut powers

The Greens have described a government bill to extend IR ‘flexibility’ and create a special tier of businesses as corporate welfare at workers’ expense. 

The government’s bill creates a new class of corporation that can cut its workers hours and pay without the workers getting JobKeeper.

The Greens will move to excise these powers from the bill, arguing that if these businesses need support, then the Government can extend JobKeeper to them as well.

“The government is using the pandemic as a cover to attack working people,” Greens Leader Adam Bandt said. 

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Law change necessary after low minimum wage decision

Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP has today said the 2019-20 annual wage review increase was too low and that a change to the Fair Work Act was now needed to tackle inequality and recover from recession.

“A stubbornly low minimum wage leaves young people behind and seriously hurts attempts to get the economy moving again. The only winner today is big business,” said Mr Bandt.

“The wrong people are being asked to meet the costs of recovery.

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